Restoration – Overview

Combined initiatives to call women out of prostitution; journeying with each individual in discovering the abundant life in Jesus Christ and facilitating opportunities for training and fellowship.


Sharing the Gospel of life-transformation in Jesus Christ with ladies involved in the lifestyle.

Teams from various local churches, supported by Straatwerk, reach out to women trapped in prostitution. On different days of the week these teams can be found at work in the Paarl, Parow, Bellville, Brooklyn, Athlone, Kenilworth and Cape Town areas.

Journey of Hope

The focused, holistic guidance of women (exiting prostitution), in the context of relationships.

  • Interim Accommodation – Seeking, matching and financially supporting the best option and match for accommodation, after an individual exists the lifestyle, until she is ready to carry the responsibility herself.
  • Growth Guidance – In a focused way coming alongside individual ladies (whom we have reached out to as well as some of those referred to us), assisting them in setting goals and practically supporting them in reaching those goals, as they learn to live the abundant Life in the different areas of their lives.
  • Journey of Hope mornings – Offering the opportunity to receive focused attention in a specialised way, by providing needed services, e.g. counselling, guidance in budgeting, compiling a CV, growth guidance sessions, etc. within a safe context, where they can also meet other ladies on this journey.
  • Growing in Hope Curriculum – Selected and developed material focused on the growth of each lady.
  • The Ruth Campaign – The vision of this Mentor-Disciple campaign is to see lives being transformed through focused and intentional relationships, matching helpers (mature Christian women) and students (our ladies who are wholeheartedly seeking or who have become Christians recently).
  • Ongoing Discipleship –Long-term contact with those who exited the lifestyle.
  • Hope Recycling (or women who recently exited the lifestyle) –The opportunity to do small-scale recycling, to earn cash in hand.
  • Hands of Hope (for women who recently exited the lifestyle) – The opportunity of making bracelets, which communicates the Gospel, earning cash in hand for each quality controlled bracelet.
  • Hope’s Up (for women who have exited the lifestyle at least 3 months before, showing commitment, growth and stability) – The opportunity to receive sponsored compensation for volunteer work, for a period of 6 months for 16 hours a week.
  • Accommodation – The opportunity to rent a room (later in the discipleship process) or stay with us at Straatwerk Headquarters for a limited period of time, during a season when it is discerned that we are a better match than a shelter, rehabilitation program or private home.

Project Restoration

The vision is an equipped Church actively involved in reaching women involved in prostitution and discipling new believers on the journey of restoration.


  • Training Course – A 3-level training course (adjusted to the group present), also available on DVD.
  • Workshops – Addressing specific requests for training.
  • Group Discussion Training – Facilitated training and working on topics identified as priority in the Project Restoration family, in a group context.
  • All Teams Gatherings – A facilitated gathering of all the local teams, where we socialise, pray for each other, encourage each other and share in the growing vision.
  • Internship – Giving an individual the opportunity of learning about the ministry through discussion, training and practical involvement.
  •  Team Mentoring – Coming alongside the teams in the guidance of the ladies and the growth of the ministry, when requested.
  • Administrative Support – Assisting the teams in keeping statistics of outreaches and in developing helpful systems, when requested.

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