Prostitution – Restoration

The Message of the Dolls

Why do we use knitted dolls to convey the message?

  • You are lovingly handmade by the Almighty God. (The dolls are handmade, with love.)
  • There is no one like you. (Every doll is unique – not two are exactly the same.)
  • You are extremely valuable; no money can pay for you. (The dolls are not for sale.)
  • God wants to keep you safe in the palm of His hand. (The dolls fit in your palm.)

Why do the boys also get dolls?

  • These things (which we talked about during the presentation) can also happen to boys. And there is help available for you too!
  • Real men look after women and children and take good care of them. If you take a doll, you commit to being a boy (now) and a man (later) who will look after women and children well.


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