Destitute – Ophelp Projekte Services

Destitute Ophelp Projekte offers the service of teams of workers who perform unskilled manual labour under the supervision of a foreman. The teams work in shifts of four hours.

Typical jobs undertaken

  • clearing of litter;
  • cleaning services for events;
  • guarding parked cars at events; and
  • loading and off-loading, or moving of goods.

Project Dignity/maintenance/technical teams

Project Dignity is for individuals who have the ability to participate in, or even manage, a small business. Straatwerk provides a coaching framework to manage such services with the aim to establish them as independent small businesses.

Typical jobs undertaken

  • graffiti removal;
  • cleaning vacant buildings or sites;
  • road maintenance;
  • rodent baiting;
  • beautification (garden services) and tree trimming;
  • distribution of publications; and
  • storm water drain cleaning

OPHELP Cape Town Partnership.PDF
Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID).PDF

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