The aim of Straatwerk’s communication department is to inform and inspire believers to become more involved in the world around them.

Sermons at various churches

We participate – on invitation – in worship services at churches where we share our experiences and showcase our work by means of a visual presentation.


We visit – on invitation – among others, cell groups, women’s groups, old age homes and schools to explain what we do and what we are about. For prospective co-workers we arrange information evenings to share more detailed information of our outreaches and programmes.


Every two months Straatwerk compiles a newsletter to share our stories, keep supporters informed of developments, and highlight future projects.


Social Media

We use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate, interact and network with our supporters and the public at large.

Visitor groups

We facilitate visits from, among others, schools, churches and universities.

Volunteer coordination

We guide volunteers to participate in the outreach programme of their choice and best suited to them.

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