Prevention – Overview



The vision of the Valuable to Jesus campaign is to see Christ conquering sexual abuse, prostitution and pornography through His Church and in His name by focused prayer and compelled action.

  • Cape Flats – Coming alongside the local Church, focusing on mobilising and coordinating prayer at the schools and in the community and presenting the Valuable to Jesus Presentation in those schools.
  • Resources – Coming alongside the local Church, by making resources available and mentoring individuals and teams on request.

How to launch the Valuable to Jesus Campaign in your own community

Straatwerk’s Valuable to Jesus-package is comprehensive and contains all you (or your congregation) will need to launch the VTJ campaign without delay. It comprises three DVD;s and on CD:

  • The Vision DVD (22 min) explains, in practical terms, the face and heart of the campaign.
  • The Introduction DVD (5 min) is a handy tool to use when you want to introduce the campaign (such as during a worship service).
  • The Resource CD includes the school presentations, prayers and other materials to launch the campaign.
  • The Presentation DVD is an example of a school presentation.
  • The package can be ordered from Straatwerk for R100, which includes domestic posting fees.
  • For further information, please contact us at, or call us at 021 930 8055.